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Dear prospective visitor,

We are pleased to know you are interested in working at STRI and we look forward to your visit. The information you are submitting is used by our staff to evaluate availability of office and laboratory space, equipment, transportation, housing and permit issuance.

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Dear visitor,

Thank you for your visit/project request and for your interest in coming to STRI. As you may know, STRI facilities are currently closed due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

As much as we would  like to host you and your project, right now we are not ready to receive upcoming visitors. After we reopen STRI, we will do  an assessment of  our infrastructure and support services, and  provide an update on when it will be safe to start receiving visitors.

For this reason your visit/project request will be placed on hold until we have more certainty about the dates and conditions to receive new visitors at STRI.

As soon as we have more information, or any change in the current situation we will contact you.

Thank you,

Visitor Services Office


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