STRI/SI Fellows' Projects

Conduct your own research in the context of a 100-year relationship between the Smithsonian and Panama resulting in more than 10,000 scholarly publications. You will benefit from constant exchange of ideas leading to transformational research and seeding new questions.

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The World Health Organization has now declared the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic. Considering the most recent information available about this new virus from the local Ministry of Health, the CDC and WHO regarding its spread and level of impact in the communities where it present, as of Monday March 16, STRI will NOT be accepting new visitors or visits at our facilities until further notice.

We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause to your travel plans. At this moment our main concern is the safety of our staff and visitors, and we greatly appreciate your understanding.We will be communicating with you as soon as we have further information on possible future visit dates

Register a new project

Individuals who want to use STRI resources to conduct their own research need to submit a Research Proposal

A Research Proposal is a technical document that presents a research question, justifies the need for the study and includes a research plan. The proposal should be brief, but precise and well documented. Please make sure your proposal is complete before submitting.

Arrange a Visit to an existing project

Your project is already registered and you want to arrange a Visit to start/continue working on your project.

Visit Requests need to be submitted 45 working days (63 calendar days) before the visit, in order to secure permits, housing, etc.