Research Projects

We are pleased to know you are interested in working at STRI and we look forward to your visit

Submit a New Research Project proposal

Individuals who want to use STRI resources to conduct their own research.

A Research Proposal is a technical document that presents a research question, justifies the need for the study and includes a research plan. The proposal should be brief, but precise and well documented. Please make sure your proposal is complete before submitting.

Research Project Proposals and Permit Applications (if applicable) must be submitted at least 4 months prior the intended Research Project start date.

STRI Host/Advisor

Every STRI project must have a staff scientist as an advisor/host. Please make sure that the STRI staff scientist has already agreed to be your STRI Host/Advisor.

Arrange a Visit under an approved Project

Individuals who want to work on their own approved Research Project or an approved project of another researcher.

A Visit is the time you will be working at STRI.  The information you provide is use to verify the availability of space and equipment, fees, appropriate immigration procedures, and necessary permits, if applicable.
Visit Requests need to be submitted 3 months in advance to the arrival date to ensure resource availability.